Conventional Moringa Oleifera Seedling Plant Starter Tree (10 - 24 Inches)

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Conventional Moringa Oleifera Seedling Plant Starter Tree (10 - 24 Inches)

Paisley Farm and Crafts Florida Grown Moringa Trees are back and available for sale! And although some things might have changed, FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING has not.  And as always, we grow organically, no chemicals, insecticides or non-organic fertilizers. Paisley Farm and Crafts is a certified nursery, tested and certified to ship all plants to all 50 states.

You may notice a difference this year - we no longer sell baby Moringa starters in value packs. Although popular, we always had many requests for larger trees so due to space limitations we decided to switch focus for the moment and offer some bigger trees - for now singles with possible value packs coming soon.

Please note, when we get a bit more space, we will start offering some mid-size value packs in the coming months. As you know, for Moringa lovers, winters - No Problem! Cut it, pot it and bring it inside. For a tree that has a phenomenal recovery rate when transplanted at any size, cold weather can easily be overcome.

This listing is for 1 Conventional (Traditional) Moringa Oleifera Seedling, between 10 and 24 inches (plants do vary in size but please be assured, we always ship the biggest first). These plants have an extremely strong root system and a healthy tap root and are shipped in dirt, ready to be set up for transplant.

The day you receive the plant, please remove immediately from the box, remove the wrappings but not the pot, give it some outside air and water. You may notice some yellow leaves - you can break those off and they will regrow right above or below the original spot (the same with the branches). Give the seedling approximately 12 to 24 hours to adjust to your climate and environment and then remove the bottom pot and plant. Think of flying yourself from Florida to California in a suitcase with no food or water for 2 to 3 days and you’ll get the picture. ;)

Your plant may droop a bit, lost a couple of branches but will recover quickly. The listing contains pictures of our test plants so you can see what they should basically look like. THERE ARE INSTRUCTIONS IN THE BOX. PLEASE READ AND FOLLOW. Contact information is included if you have any concerns or questions. We love our trees, plants AND our customers and ALWAYS DO OUR BEST TO HELP.

Please note, as last year, Paisley Farm and Crafts does NOT OFFER A WARRANTY OR RETURN OPTIONS ON PLANTS. ALL SALES ARE FINAL WITH NO REFUNDS. For any concerns about the receipt of your plant or the care after reading the enclosed information, see the paragraph above.

With bigger plants, there is a good chance that the plant won’t fit in your mailbox so please check your porch or front door. If you have a PO box, please expect to pick it up from there.

We do send tracking numbers so please make sure you provide a correct email address so that we can give you that information so you can be expecting your new seedling and it doesn’t get left out in the box by accident.

Summer is coming so if you order and are going on vacation, please let us know that you and your tree don’t miss each other. :)

Lastly we ship trees with USPS priority so it is typically 2 to 3 days. If you order at the end of the week (Thursday or Friday) and I see that it will take 3 days to get to you, your plant won’t ship until Monday. We do our best to make sure the seedling is in the box for as little time as possible. We do also ship via FedEx and UPS but you must contact us for a quote because ONLY USPS Priority shipping is provided for free. You will see a 2 - 3 day wait time till shipping - THIS only concerns weekends as explained above.

We are so happy to be able to provide you with our trees again! We hope that you will be as excited as we are.

Thanks for being our customer,

Linda and Arthur

Owners of Paisley Farm LLC


Medical Disclaimer:

Paisley Farm and Crafts owners and employees are not medical practitioners, doctors or pharmacists. Any advice from other consumers listed is not to be taken as medical advice. As with all organic and natural supplements, we firmly suggest seeking the advice of a medical professional when taking new supplements or adding them to an existing prescription schedule.

Thank you,

The Paisley Farm and Crafts Staff