Dried Loose Moringa Leaves (32 Oz)

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Dried Loose Moringa Leaves (32 Oz)

Dried Moringa Oleifera Leaves - 32 Oz


Paisley Farm and Crafts has updated packaging on all leaf sizes. Dried leaves are now bagged in a foil pouch that is resealable and all pouches contain silica gel freshness packets to help keep your dried leaves fresh longer for better tasting teas and food. :)


You will receive 32 oz of dried leaves packaged in 8 - 4 oz packages. This makes it easy to use, store and share with friends and family.


Give our dried leaves a try and see how you can add a little seasoning to your life! Flown in from Nigeria and bagged here on the farm. You WILL find some stems - when drying leaves in bulk, it is difficult to remove them all. :)


Moringa Leaf Benefits:

Vital Nutrients:

Vitamin’s A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B7, C, D, E, K

Amino Acids:

Isoleucine – An amino acid that promotes natural energy and brain health.

Leucine – An amino acid that works with isoleucine to contribute to alertness and high energy.

Lysine – Helps the bones absorb calcium, helps to create antibodies, regulates hormones, and balances nutrients. Also reduces viral growth and helps to build collagen in bones.

Methionine – Supplies sulfur to the body, lowers cholesterol, increases the liver’s production of lecithin. It reduces the fat stores in the liver, protects the kidneys, and keeps skin, hair and nails healthy.

Phenylalanine – Helps the brain’s nerve cells communicate by producing the needed chemicals that support this function. This amino acid reduces hunger pangs, improves memory, and keeps you alert. It also boosts mood.

Threonine – This amino acid assists metabolism and helps prevent fat from building up in the liver. It also helps the body to digest food and keeps the intestinal tract healthy.

Tryptophan – This amino acid supports the immune system, lessens depression, and insomnia, and even helps with migraine headaches. It works with lysine to reduce ‘bad’ cholesterol and also reduces arterial spasms which can cause heart attack.

Valine – Helps to promote a coordinated body and a calm mind.

There are also non-essential amino acids is Moringa, including, alanine, arginine, aspartic acid, cysteine, glycine, histidine, serine, proline, tyrosine, and glutamic acid. These components carry out vital activities in our body from wound healing to immune boosting and cancer tumor suppression, to muscle and tissue growth.


We always ship free to give you the best quality and quantity for your money!


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Paisley Farm & Crafts


*Paisley Farm LLC DBA Paisley Farm and Crafts does not practice medicine and always suggest that you seek professional guidance when determining what to take for certain illnesses.


** We sell Moringa leaves as a supplements, tea and herb for cooking.


**Allergy Warning: Please note that Moringa leaves are processed in the same facility as peanuts and other nuts indigenous to Nigeria or India.


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    Love this product...Munagaku or Moringa!

    Posted by Srini on Feb 12th 2018

    Indians love drumsticks, many folks use Moringa (Munagaku) leaves in curries. Although we can buy drumsticks at Indian groceries in the U.S, I never seen Green or Dried Munagaku/Moringa leaves. I use this product in curries to accentuate nutrition values. I also use Munagaku in stir frys. I am also going to try making tea with these leaves. Well packaged product, promptly shipped. Loved the price and customer service