MORINGA OLEIFERA STARTER KIT – Traditional Oleifera Seeds

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Moringa Oleifera Starter Kit – Traditional Moringa Oleifera Seeds


Your plastic tray holds 28 coco coir pellets at one time. Your set includes 60 growing pellets which gives you 2 plantings plus 6 extra. Coco Coir pellets allow you the ease of planting without having to use dirt-filled containers to start seeds.

Please note that the planting tray is plastic. Over time this tray will become brittle however the tray will be usable for some time before it becomes brittle.

The set includes a 100 Pack of Moringa Oleifera seeds. Conventional Moringa seeds once matured produce seed pods once a year. Moringa is a tree that is edible and extremely healthy for you.

Also included is Azomite, a natural nitrogen based fertilizer. Created from volcanic lava running into a river bed and mixing with the water, it has nature’s best ingredients to help your plants live a long and healthy life.

From our farm to yours, we hope to provide you with an easy, fun and rewarding way to grow your own Moringa trees.

Kit Contents:

  • Plastic Planting Tray
  • 100+ Moringa Seeds 
  • 60 Coco Coir Growing Pellets
  • 2 Oz Nitrogen Based Organic Fertilizer
  • Instructions

Enjoy and Happy Planting!

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*Trees in picture are to show what the finished product looks like. Grown seedlings are not included in kit.