ORGANIC-Moringa Soap & Pure Cold-Pressed Moringa Oil Combo - Made in USA!

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*NEW* ORGANIC Moringa Seed Oil and Moringa Soap Combo

From: Paisley Farm and Crafts

Cold-Pressed 100% Seed Oil and Homemade Moringa Leaf Soap

Moringa Seed Oil, made from 100% cold-pressed organic seeds and placed in a roller ball bottle - an over-all beauty tool. The roller ball is an easy to use tool so that your hands don’t stay oily after use. Just shake and roll and then smooth into skin with fingertips if desired.

Now coupled with our homemade Moringa Leaf Soap, it’s the start of a great, natural beauty kit that will help you and your skin stand the test of time.

Our oil, is made from organic seeds, straight from an organic Nigeria farm. Cold-pressed and bottled on our farm, we make our oil in small quantities so that you always have the freshest available.

Our soap, also made in house, contains glycerin, organic scents (varies by pack) and fresh picked organic Moringa leaves, ground with distilled water so that your soap is infused with the Moringa leaf goodness. (The soaps will very in color and shape.)

Look for our other combos available and keep an eye out for more to come.

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Paisley Farm and Crafts

*Please note oil is made from scratch and after sitting may have some sediment settling at the bottom from the seeds.

Our Organic Moringa Glycerin Soap is made out of Fresh Moringa leaves and made fresh to order!

We make our Glycerin soap with fresh Moringa leaves - that's where that rich green color comes from! :) This set has a light Plumeria scent added from Plumeria Oil.

Our soap in molded in floral shapes and depending on the flower, the weight ranges from 2 to 4.0 oz. Floral shapes will vary in packaging. Please do not assume that the flower soaps pictured will be the exact flower shapes you will receive.

Soap ingredients are:

Fresh Moringa Leaves
Coconut Oil
Palm Oil
Safflower Oil
Purified Water
Soy Bean Protein

Moringa is great for the skin. 

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*This soap is organic and homemade. It contains no chemicals, detergents.