Pomegranate Fruit Tree Plant Seedling Bush - 5 Inches and Up in Size!

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Pomegranate Fruit Tree Plant Seedling Bush - 5 Inches and Up in Size!

Pomegranate Fruit Tree - 5 Inches and Up in Size!


Organically grown! Non-GMO! FREE Priority Shipping! Certified to ship plants to all of the United States!


1 Pomegranate Tree - grown in Coco Coir Growing Media and then transplanted into a rockwool grodan cube or a pot with loose coco coir - EXCELLENT root system - ready to travel to your home!


They take approximately 4 years to start bearing fruit and the fruit can take 7 or 8 months to ripen. Low maintenance: Full sun to partial shade, watering every 7 to 10 days

They grow best in USDA Hardiness Zones 7 - 10 and like a pH in the soil of 5.5 - 7.


Happy Growing!! :)


Some guidelines when ordering:

  • THERE ARE INSTRUCTIONS IN THE BOX. PLEASE READ AND FOLLOW. Contact information is included if you have any concerns or questions. We love our trees, plants AND our customers and ALWAYS DO OUR BEST TO HELP.

  • Please note, as last year, Paisley Farm and Crafts does NOT OFFER A WARRANTY OR RETURN OPTIONS ON PLANTS. ALL SALES ARE FINAL WITH NO REFUNDS. For any concerns about the receipt of your plant or the care after reading the enclosed information, see the paragraph above.

  • With bigger plants, there is a good chance that the plant won’t fit in your mailbox so please check your porch or front door. If you have a PO box, please expect to pick it up from there.

  • We do send tracking numbers so please make sure you provide a correct email address so that we can give you that information so you can be expecting your new seedling and it doesn’t get left out in the box by accident.

  • Summer is coming so if you order and are going on vacation, please let us know that you and your tree don’t miss each other. :)

  • Lastly we ship trees with USPS priority so it is typically 2 to 3 days. If you order at the end of the week (Thursday or Friday) and I see that it will take 3 days to get to you, your plant won’t ship until Monday. We do our best to make sure the seedling is in the box for as little time as possible. We do also ship via FedEx and UPS but you must contact us for a quote because ONLY USPS Priority shipping is provided for free. You may see a 2 - 3 day wait time till shipping - THIS only concerns weekends as explained above.


Thanks for being our valued customer,

Linda and Arthur

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