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 Wildflower/Orange Blossom Honey - Combo Pack - 24 oz each [4 - 12 Oz Bottles]

Give the gift of sweetness or just have some for a rainy day
Whatever your reason, this combo is a perfect and easy way to have honey for all occasions


Wildflower Honey is richer and darker in taste and color, while
Orange Blossom has a lovely aroma coupled with a gentler sweetness
Both are sure to enhance almost any food or beverage!




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Tips for Storage

Because bacteria cannot live in honey, it does not need refrigeration, which merely hastens granulation. Honey should be kept covered in a dry place at room temperature.

Even when properly stored, honey will begin to recrystallize at some time – usually six months to a year after bottling, depending on the honey variety. Again, this is completely normal – the honey is perfectly fine to eat. The honey is easily returned to liquid by placing the container in hot – but not boiling – water or in an oven set no higher than 140 degrees. However, please be careful not to overheat the honey and melt the plastic container.

Crystallization is a natural phenomenon that does not harm the honey in any way. Likewise, the white foam often seen around the rim of the honey bottle is not cause for concern – it is not mold. The foam can happen when the honey is bottled.