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Moringa Leaf Loofah Soap 3 Pc Set - All Natural - Made Fresh on Demand!

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Moringa Leaf Loofah Glycerin Soap

Handmade - All Natural - Made with Fresh Moringa Leaves



We make our Glycerin soap with fresh Moringa leaves - that's where that green color comes from! :)


This soap has the loofah sponge encased in the soap so that you lather and scrub at the same time.


Our soaps come in molded in floral shapes and depending on the flower, the weight ranges from 2 to 4.5 oz. Floral shapes will vary in packaging. Please do not assume that the flower soaps pictured will be the exact flower shapes you will receive.


Various organic essential oils are used for scents in our soaps. If you prefer unscented, please contact us and we can provide that as well.


Moringa Leaf Soap ingredients:

Fresh Moringa Leaves

Assorted Organic Essential Oil Scents

Coconut Oil

Palm Oil

Safflower Oil



Purified Water


Soy Bean Protein

Loofah Sponge


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*This soap is homemade. It contains no chemicals, detergents.

**Paisley Farm and Crafts owners and employees are not medical practitioners, doctors or pharmacists. Any advice from other consumers listed is not to be taken as medical advice. As with all organic and natural supplements and products, we firmly suggest seeking the advice of a medical professional when taking new supplements or adding them to an existing prescription schedule. When using beauty products, test on a patch of skin before using all over.