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Mullein Leaf Marshmallow Root Blend Tea Bags

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Mullein Leaf Marshmallow Root Blend Tea Bags 


Paisley Farm and Crafts now carries Tea Bags; hand-filled and sealed on our farm!

Made from dried Mullein leaves and Marshmallow Root, these tea bags contain nothing but dried Mullein leaves and marshmallow root - no fillers or additives.

All natural and non GMO, your tea bags arrive in a resealable foil pouch to help retain freshness.

So if you’d like to enjoy the benefits of Mullein Leaf Marshmallow Root tea but don’t want the muss and fuss of using a tea ball - here’s your easy solution!

Tea bags can be used to make hot or cold tea.

A hot cup of tea is a great way to start or finish your day!

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